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Advanced Water Seal Technology
No Tear Off or Disruption of Business
Severe Hail & High Wind Resistance
Works on Roofs, Balconies, Roof Decks
Retrofits over TPO, PVC, EPDM
Works on Metal, Built-up & SPF Roofs
Cold Sprayed Fluid Applied Membrane
Seamless WATERPROOFING Solutions
Instant Set Coatings Technology

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The recipe for a
Superior Water Proof System!

DrySeal Roof Restoration

Step 1: Replace Decking

The presence of rotted decking on a commercial roof can lead to structural issues and water leakage, creating potential hazards in the infrastructure of the building.

It is important for us to identify any areas throughout the entire roof that may have been compromised or exposed to moisture.

These areas are immediately mitigated and made structurally sound.

Step 2:  Reinforce Seams

The product, enhanced with fiberglass strands, hardens into a durable, minimal-elongation roofing and waterproofing patch.

It can be conveniently applied via a trowel, brush, or even by hand.

This makes it ideal for addressing high-movement areas like penetrations and joints.

dryseal roof restoration
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Step 3: Apply Primer

Begin by applying a high-quality, plasticizer-free, single-component, water-based acrylic primer using a spray brush or roller. This primer is designed to deliver exceptional adhesion and resist plasticizer migration, effectively preventing unsightly discoloration and premature failure of elastomeric coating systems due to PVC membrane interactions. This primer adheres excellently to most single-ply surfaces, including PVC, Hypalon, and aged TPO, providing an optimal surface for a seamless waterproofing membrane.

Step 4:  Apply Membrane

Start with the application of a water-based, medium viscosity, self-leveling liquid membrane which can be sprayed, brushed, or roll-applied up to 80 mils wet vertically.

This membrane is suitable for roofing, waterproofing, and air/vapor barrier applications, and works perfectly on materials like standing seam metal, aged SPF, wood, and concrete. In the preparatory phase, a reinforcement fabric is frequently embedded into the membrane during application to existing seams and joints, or to establish a fully reinforced membrane.

Dryseal Commercial Roofing

No Roof Tear Off.
No Roof Replacement.
No Problem.

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The World’s #1 Solution for Flat Roofs

20 YEAR Warranty

The DrySeal roofing solution sets an industry benchmark with its impressive 20-year warranty. This extraordinary offer reflects the product’s exceptional quality and long-lasting durability, providing customers with unparalleled peace of mind. By choosing DrySeal, you are investing in a product that stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of warranty coverage in the roofing industry.

R-13 Insulating Factor

The DrySeal roofing product proudly features an unparalleled insulating rating of R-13, demonstrating its exceptional performance in energy efficiency. This highest R-value in the industry represents optimal thermal resistance, leading to significant savings on heating and cooling costs. It’s a testament to DrySeal’s dedication to offering the very best in roofing solutions.

Hail Resistant

DrySeal’s roofing product showcases unmatched hail resistance ratings, proving its superior performance against the harshest weather conditions. This top-tier hail resistance rating exemplifies the product’s robust construction and resilience, ensuring the roof’s durability and longevity even when faced with severe hailstorms. It’s a testament to DrySeal’s commitment to providing the ultimate in roofing protection.

Hurricane Resistant

This roofing solution provides exceptional resistance to extreme weather conditions, including hurricane-force winds. Engineered with state-of-the-art technology, the product offers robust waterproofing and durability. Its unique composition allows it to withstand high-velocity wind and heavy rain, ensuring the roof’s integrity even in the most demanding storms.

AMPP Certified

DrySeal prides itself on having an AMPP certified coating inspector as part of its dedicated team. This level of professional expertise ensures stringent quality control and adherence to the highest industry standards. With DrySeal, customers benefit from the superior knowledge and skills of an accredited specialist, further reinforcing our commitment to delivering top-tier roofing solutions.


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